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Welcome to Procomp Electronics TOP COMP Official Website!

Top Comp by Procomp Electronics

Procomp Electronics is the proud new sponsor of the 2010/2011 Top Comp Racing Series within the Australian National Drag Racing Association (ANDRA).

At Procomp Electronics, our philosophy is to improve racing for individuals. We do this by "making racing affordable" and introducing sponsorship deals involving different racing brackets within the drag racing community. The movement towards sponsoring the Top Comp Racing Series, was a realisation that Procomp is what it is today thanks to the great support from the drag racing community.

Now that Procomp Electronics has turned 30, we feel that we can show our gratitude to the sport by providing financial incentives to the cars competing within the Top Comp brackets. Over the past few years we have seen that the racing teams are finding it hard to find sponsorship deals to maintain their race meeting running costs, and therefore; now we provide racers with the Procomp Electronics Top Comp logos, which enables racers discounted pricing on products and prize money.

Procomp Electronics Top Comp Series Logo Requirement: The only requirement for the Procomp Electronics Top Comp Series is that it is compulsory for the racers to run the appropriate size Procomp Electronics Top Comp Series Logo stickers in a visible location, i.e.: Not blocked by exhaust or body panels etc. on both sides of their race car or bike for the duration of each round of the Procomp ElectronicsTop Comp Series that they contest.

No purchase is necessary. Stickers will be available from the ANDRA staff at each round.

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